Create a Meaningful Ramadan for your Kids

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Ramadan Book Club

Your children can connect with the spirit of Ramadan and  learn more about Islam with the Ramadan Book Club!

This FREE event will bring your family together as you learn about this great religion and the Blessed month of Ramadan.

Don't let your kids miss out! 


We have carefully chosen 4 books for your family to enjoy together during Ramadan – one for each week. Each book wonderfully encapsulates important aspects of Ramadan for your children to absorb, discuss, and reflect on.

If you register with The Ramadan Book Club, you receive four specially designed book packs which guide you through a range of activities linked with each story we read together. 

Ramadan can be busy, and these book packs have been designed to help you bond with your children in a way that will bring minimal stress to you. So, don’t worry; you can pick and choose which activities suit you and your family, or you may just want to enjoy the books. It’s completely flexible – do as much or as little as you’d like!

By registering, you participate in an online community as we all share our experiences with the book packs. You’ll even be able to join a virtual story time with the authors of the books!

It is completely free to join the Ramadan Book Club, but you will be given the opportunity donate to charity too if you'd like to! 

Join Now and you'll get...

  • Welcome Pack

    This includes a list of the four books we'll be reading together this month, a Ramadan calendar to record your children's fasts, and lunar tracker to encourage your children to observe the moon and lots of advice on how to read aloud as a family.

  • 4 Activity Packs

    Four separate activity packs filled with a variety of activities, based on the book we're reading each week. These activities have been selected to help your children get the most out of this month without adding to your workload during this busy month!

  • Story Time with the Authors

    Your children get to meet ALL 4 authors during our exclusive Online Story Time events in the Facebook community. They'll listen to the authors read aloud from their books, and then have the opportunity to ask them questions! It's so exciting!

JOIN Ramadan Book Club if...

  • You want a flexible and ready made plan for your children this Ramadan

  • You want to motivate your children to fast and worship more this Ramadan

  • You want fun and meaningful children's activities without the headache of planning them

  • You want to spend time with your kids and teaching them about Islam

Do NOT join Ramadan Book Club if...

  • You are happy for your children to be bored and spend most of Ramadan watching TV

  • You hate books, and do not want to read them to your children!

  • You already have your kids' Ramadan fully mapped out and don't need any help.

  • You're really bothered in getting involved in their Islamic education


  • Are the books included in the Book Club?

    No, participants will need to find the books themselves. We do provide you with a list of online retailers that stock the books worldwide.

  • Do I need to be a homeschooler to take part?

    No! This bookclub is NOT just for homeschoolers...It's for everyone!

  • Will the LIVE Storytime Sessions be recorded?

    Yes! If you're not able to join us LIVE, or you don't have a Facebook account, your children can watch the recordings of the story time sessions on the Ramadan Book Club website.