Have you ever dreamt of Homeschooling your children?

I'd love to, but...

  • I don’t know where to start!

    There are so many curriculum options online. Whenever I try to research homeschooling, I feel completely overwhelmed. How do I decide?

  • I lack confidence in myself

    How can I teach them when I was never good at school myself? Homeschooling sounds amazing, but I wonder if I could ever really do it.

  • I don't have the time

    How will I get all housework and cooking done? I need me time too! If the children are at home with me all day, I'm seriously worried I'll loose my mind!

  • How do I plan our Homeschool?

    I want to teach all my kids at home, but they're different ages and abilities. How can I meet all their needs, fit everything in and stay consistent?

  • I'm not sure what to teach them about Islam and everything else!

    How do I develop my own homeschool curriculum; something with Islam at its heart, whilst still giving my children an excellent education?

I created Launch Your Homeschool to give you the Complete System you need to Start Homeschooling

I know how you feel.

Almost a decade ago, I dreamt of homeschooling my children. I spent hours searching the internet, reading books, blogs and watching YouTube videos. I was trying to work everything out myself but just ended up more overwhelmed and confused!  I spent money on things I didn't need. I pushed myself, and my children, too hard.  As my house got messier, my confidence hit rock bottom. This wasn't the way I had imagined it would be. I just needed someone to hold my hand and walk me through the beginning stages of homeschooling.  That's what LAUNCH YOUR HOMESCHOOL CAN do for you!
Dr Gemma Elizabeth

You CAN Do It!

Just Imagine...

  • You spend your days as a family; learning and growing together, and never missing any of those special moments.

  • The education you provide your children is better than what schools offer.

  • Homeschooling nurtures a deep connection with Islam. It also meets their unique, individual learning needs.

  • You can run your home well and have enough time to rest and pursue your own interests.

  • You are confident in the way you educate your children. You know that homeschooling was the right decision!


This online course will hold your hand, guiding you step-by-step guide, to give your children an INCREDIBLE education at home. 

Breaking everything down into an easy to follow system, you'll learn how to select the right resources for your children, craft your own homeschool curriculum and design a beautiful life for your family. 

With the techniques and systems I teach in this course, you'll launch your homeschool in the BEST of ways!

I know you're a busy parent. In Launch your Homeschool, you'll learn how to give your children an excellent education AND find time for yourself and all the other things you do too!

And because you're busy, I've kept the lessons short and packed with value, so you can easily fit them into your day. Watch them with your morning coffee, during nap-time or whilst you're folding laundry! 

Every Single Lesson is Packed with Gems

Noori Bibi, USA

Honestly, I found every single lesson very helpful. I feel Dr Gemma covered so much and it all benefitted me. I found the curriculum planning, the schedule planning, time management, life hacks, the tools for teaching, honestly all of it was so useful. Every single lesson is packed with gems. I loved her worksheets that created space for me to think through all the areas to make not just homeschooling, but my life as a mother work.

The Course has Changed my Life.

Nasreen Ghani, UK

I can honestly say the course has changed my life. The course has given me guidance on how to start and where to go forward with my children’s education. It has given me confidence to believe in myself and know I’m on the correct path in guiding my children to a better future.

Get Access to a Library of 17 Pre-recorded Video lessons and accompanying Fun Sheets!

You'll get LIFETIME ACCESS, and can rewatch the lessons as many times as you need to!
Launch Your Homeschool

Course Curriculum (17 Pre-Recorded Videos)

Click on the Arrows to See What You'll Learn!

    1. Let's Get Started!

    2. Orientation Call July 2023

    1. BONUS: EBook - What you NEED to know (updated 2023)

    2. Know your WHY

    3. Know your HOW - Charlotte Mason 101

    4. BONUS: Guide for Friends and Family

    1. Crafting Your Own Curriculum

    2. Choosing the Right Resources

    3. What if I have more than 1 child?

    1. Plan your Terms

    2. Plan your Weeks

    3. Trello Tutorial

    1. Time Management - Getting Started

    2. Time Management - Is there a better way?

    3. Creating Your Daily Rhythm

    4. Time Management Tips & Tools

    1. Reading Aloud

    2. The Morning Basket

    3. Narration

Online Homeschooling Course

  • 17 Pre-recorded Video Lessons
  • Lifetime Access
  • Online Community

She explains the concepts logically with practical tips

Humaira Fatima

Diligent and simply explained. The portion explaining time management skills was superb. Loved it !!! After taking Launch Your Homeschool I actually gained more confidence within myself, began rectifying my routine, my family’s routine. Above all, learnt to love and be kind to myself, to become a happy and joyful mum / homemaker. She explains the concepts logically with practical tips, whilst making us aware of the cons of each . Very straightforward and thoughtfully presented . I keep revisiting the modules again and again. Because every time I hear the lesson I gain confidence and feel motivated to go ahead.

So whose teaching you?

That's me... Dr Gemma!

I help Muslim mothers to live with purpose and intention, and raise their children mindfully. For nearly a decade, I've been obsessed with homeschooling, and developing systems where women can thrive at home doing it. After almost a decade home educating my children (and making lots of mistakes), I know what works and what doesn't. It's with this experience and insight that I support thousands of Muslim families online, and have taught hundreds of other Muslim families how to educate their children at home.
Dr Gemma Elizabeth

I got Results within 3 weeks of Homeschooling this way.

Haaniffa Akpan

It's been the help I have been looking for all along. I have done homeschooling on my own for about 6 months and made a mess out of it most of the time, it only made me feel more guilty that I could not be enough for teaching my child. This course is years of hands on experience condensed into a course to help newbies and those who are lost kick-start their homeschooling journey. I got results within 3 weeks of homeschooling this way.
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Meet Noori

Meet Nusaibah

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Meet Susan

But it wasn't always like that. When I first started homeschooling, I had to learn everything the hard way.

Feeling lost, overwhelmed, lacking in confidence, and little scared, I had to figure it all out myself.

But soon everything started to fall into place. Our children were thriving, I was thriving and found happiness in my role as a homeschooling mum. In 2013 I began teaching what I'd learnt online, and I'm grateful everyday for the opportunity to serve other Muslim mothers and for the massive online community that I've been able to create.

Now my passion for parenting and education is bordering on an obsession! Breaking up the most complicated educational theories into step-by-step systems brings me joy! My work is filled with really actionable advice that any mother can put into practice. Getting to the heart of the topics I teach, and uncovering what really matters, lights me up! So you can imagine, creating this homeschooling course was a lot of fun for me!

So even if you're completely new to homeschooling, LAUNCH YOUR HOMESCHOOL will hold your hand, and be a step-by-step guide at the beginning of your homeschool journey.

Maybe you've been homeschooling for a while, but it's not going the way you had hoped. If you want to start-over, and do it the right way, then this course is the best place to learn how!

My work has been featured in

I Highly Recommend this course.


After taking Launch your Homeschool I have incorporated more Islamic elements into each day. We have begun praying together more. We have been more consistent with lessons. This course is fantastic! Gemma provides comprehensive guidance from goal setting, to choosing resources and how to teach, to managing a household while homeschooling. I highly recommend this course.

I have learnt more than I had expected.

Shareen Sadak

İ enjoyed the way Gemma reaches because you can FEEL the genuine passion for home ed and supporting those who do it. She keeps things brief and is very articulated in getting her message across From taking this course I have learnt more than i had expected. From basic things like making a firm intention, to methods i hadn't heard of such as narration and morning baskets etc, it's been very beneficial for myself in terms of confidence and guidance but also for the children as I'm far more relaxed, calm and willing to slow down.
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Meet Safia

Meet Madiha

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Meet Saira

Is this the RIGHT course for you?

You'll LOVE the programme LAUNCH YOUR HOMESCHOOL if...

  • You're looking to develop a Homeschool curriculum that meets the unique needs of your child

  • You want to educate your children in a way that aligns with your beliefs, with Islam at its core

  • You want to create life for your family where the whole family thrives, including mum!

  • You've heard a little about a Charlotte Mason Education, and you're excited to try it

  • You're looking for practical advice. You need systems and techniques that you can use in your home and with your children

This could be the WRONG course for you if...

These are some good signs that you should NOT join LAUNCH YOUR HOMESCHOOL

  • Your children are in school full-time, and you don't plan to home educate them.

  • You're looking for a readymade curriculum and booklist. You believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to homeschooling

  • You want to recreate the mainstream education in your home

You do not want to use the Charlotte Mason philosophy in your homeschool

  • You dislike the idea of structured learning and do not want to plan your homeschool at all

Equips you with the necessary tools to homeschool with confidence

Maryam Ahmed

I would recommend this course to everyone homeschooler or not. Very useful, actionable and informative guide to understanding the ins and outs of homeschool education. Amazing course that equips you with the necessary tools to homeschool with confidence and enjoy the process even more. Very supportive team, always ready to answer and help with any questions.

I learnt how to manage my time and plan for the year

Ayesha Ismail, UK

I have watched and listened to nearly everything you put out, I thought what if this course is a repeat of the information shared already…However this was NOT the case at all….it was definitely a new learning experience for me. Alhamdulillah just after lesson 1 i was very impressed and knew this is what i need. After taking Launch Your Homeschool I learnt how to manage my time (or life!) and plan for the year in a simple way. These things have made me feel calmer and the anxiety that was lingering over me has alhamdulillah subsided.


  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You get lifetime access to the material in this course, as well as any improvements made to the course over the coming years.

  • What is your refund policy?

    If you reach out within 7 days of enrolment, letting me know the course is not right for you, a refund will be issued.

  • How are the lessons taught?

    You will receive a library of 17 pre-recorded video lessons. You have lifetime access to these lessons so you can work through them at your own pace and rewatch them as often as you need to. Most lessons also include accompanying fun sheets.

  • I don't live in the U.K. Is this course relevant to me?

    The principles taught in this course can be used whichever country you live in. I have worked hard to make the course applicable to families all over the world. However, some of the recommended resources may only be available in the U.K and North America.

  • What if I'm totally new to homeschooling?

    This course was designed for people like you! No prior knowledge of homeschooling is needed for this course. Everything you need to begin is explained in the programme.

  • Is this just for new homeschoolers?

    No! Not at all! If you're already home educating your children but feel like you've fallen into a rut or are burnt out, this course could be perfect for you. Launch your Homeschool is a great fit for homeschoolers who want to reboot and do things better!

  • What age do my children need to be to benefit from this course?

    Launch your Homeschool is a step-by-step guide for families who want to start formally educating their children at home. Although it does not cover preschool education, parents of younger children are welcome to join in preparation for when their children are older. This course is not designed to support parents whose children are about sit examination in Higher education, such as GCSEs or A-Levels, in the next 12 months.

  • I'm not on Facebook. Can I still join the LIVE sessions?

    Yes! The LIVE Q&A will be streamed on Zoom insha'Allah

  • What type of homeschooling do you teach?

    The course teaches parents to craft their own curriculum and path in home education, built upon the framework of the Charlotte Mason educational philosophy. If you don't know much about the Charlotte Mason philosophy, don't worry! I'll explain what you need to know in the course.

Meet Miral

Meet Ariba

Meet Khadijah

I feel Empowered and Confident.


I feel empowered and confident. The way she teaches how to create a routine and understand how to best spend your time is very impactful! It helped eliminate the doubts of whether I’m capable of doing it or not. So grateful for this course.

Gemma's way of explaining the ideas is very good and clear.

Sadia Salman

I just completed the course and it was amazing. I have got a lot of ideas and tips to start my home school journey. Especially the morning basket, read aloud, narration parts were very helpful. I enjoyed it as Gemma's way of explaining the ideas is very good and clear.


If you don't love it, I'll give you a full refund.

Not sure if LAUNCH YOUR HOMESCHOOL is right for you? Well, you get a full week to try it out! If you reach out within those 7 days after enrolment, to let me know its not the right fit for you, I'll happily give you a full refund.
7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Charitable Giving

Part of Your Course Fee will be Donated to Dar Al-Zahra UK.

When you enrol, not only will your family benefit, but you will also be giving sadaqah jariyah too! A part of your course fee will be donated to Dar Al-Zahra UK, a charity organisation that aims to produce Muslim women scholars and leaders of the future.
Charitable Giving