You know how wonderful Home education could be…

 but you’re so scared you’ll fail your kids.

And it’s stopping you from creating the life you dream of for your children,

A life where your children and you are thriving!

The truth?

The way you FEEL is the MOST important factor in Homeschooling Success.

The way you feel is the difference between:

-Teaching your children in a way that works for them or wasting lots of money on books and resources that you never use.
-Getting enough sleep so you can be at your best for your children, or finding yourself glued to your TV, computer or phone late into the night.
-Making good decisions about your child’s education or being confused.
-Home schooling your children for many years, or sending them to school before the year is over.

If your homeschool life doesn't look like you thought it would…

The problem is NOT that you aren’t trying hard enough.
It's NOT because you haven't found the perfect curriculum, activity, co-op…

The solution in Enough to Homeschool, might not be as exciting as curriculum shopping ....

But it will change EVERYTHING!

How Does it Work?

This mini-course runs between the 10th - 14th October 2022.

EACH DAY, between 12pm-1pm (U.K. time) you'll receive a New Video Lesson in your email inbox,
along with any other supplemental resources. 
You'll be prompted to watch the video and do the follow up exercises. These follow-up exercises are completely optional, but you will get the most from this course if you do them.
On Friday 14th October at 6pm (U.K.) you're also invited to a LIVE Workshop with me, Dr Gemma, where I will answer your personal questions LIVE! 

When you picture the version of you who homeschools her children, what do you see?

Do you envision a woman who is…

  • Energetic?

  • Joyful?

  • Disciplined?

  • Vibrant?

  • And Never Confused?

She is committed to creating an atmosphere in her home that fills her children’s hearts and minds… And her’s too.

If you could peek into her life...

what might you find?

  • A fridge full of nutritious food for herself and children.

  • Time alone everyday for her own spiritual and intellectual growth.

  • Lots of adventures, laughter and fun together as a family.

And my favourite question:

How does she THINK?

  • Does she criticise herself… or celebrate herself?

  • Is she consumed with self-doubt… or do the daily challenges of homeschooling fuel her growing confidence?

  • Does she drag her feet and put off making the decisions … or does she boldly, with faith and joy, step up to what she knows she needs to do?

That version of you is possible.

NOT by pretending to be someone else,

but by BECOMING the mother you were created to be.

If you're READY...

  • To stop doubting your decisions and step into your role as a home educator,

  • To leave behind your worry and stress, and unlock your inner confidence,

  • and to finally START FEELING like a HOMESCHOOLER...

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Did you miss the live event in October 2022? Don't worry! We recorded everything!

Who is your Teacher?

Dr Gemma Elizabeth Somauroo

Dr Gemma is an EXPERIENCED HOMESCHOOLER and has been home-educating her children in Liverpool, England for almost a decade! Despite an enthusiastic start, Dr Gemma felt disheartened by the lack of quality resources available for the Muslim home educator. So, in 2015, she founded Our Muslim Homeschool, the AWARD-WINNING blog that supports Muslim Homeschoolers worldwide through one-on-one coaching, online courses, and a variety of other online resources. Her most recent publication, a Book of Centuries, incorporating both Gregorian and Islamic dates, became #1 AMAZON BESTSELLER on its debut in the U.K., U.S.A., Australia and Canada. She now hosts the popular podcast “Raising Mums” – the podcast that seeks to raise up Muslim mums so that they can raise their children well.

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What other mums are saying...

Fatema, Switzerland

I truly feel lucky and fortunate to know Dr. Gemma and through her Instagram and YouTube videos. I have learnt a lot and feel more confident that Dr. Gemma’s homeschooling approach can instil in our family to build the foundation to Love Allah and a holistic wholesome methods of education. Dr. Gemma is extremely helpful and empathetic human. Inshallah I look forward to taking part in her upcoming course and I am sure it will be beneficial for my children and the entire family

What other mums are saying...

Sophie, UK

Dr Gemma has helped to motivate and inspire me as a homeschooler, she has given me many ideas on how to plan our days and she often makes me reflect on what I want to prioritise in our home. This journey can often feel overwhelming and she has a special way of reassuring me I am doing a great job but motivating me to be a better version of myself at the same time. Her kind and gentle nature really is inspiring and I have always looked up to her as a homeschooling mother.

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Did you miss the live event in October 2022? Don't worry! We recorded everything!